I did make it it to London! Don’t worry everyone! You really think I would have gone to the UK for 6 months and not make it to London??? I want more time, I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to, and my phone died so I have no pictures, because of course of I don’t. So this post is fairly short. In London when switching trains I met someone from Reston! How weird! It’s a small world after all is playing in the background. As my birthday present, Edward and I went to see Les Mis, on West End and it was beyond amazing. Words cant explain how amazing it was. It was well worth the wait, to finally see it live. In case anyone doesn’t know, I’ve been obsessed with it since the movie came out in 2012, so it was nice to see it!

Chirk Castle

Chirk was my last Welsh castle, and I have to say I’m loving the alliteration. On our way back from Cardiff, we passed Chirk, which rung a bell in Edward, and he looked up if there was national trust property and there was, and that property was a castle. So us weirdos sharing a love for old castles, and being bored of the area we were in took a day trip to Chirk. Which was only around an hour and half away, maybe 2 hours.

It also had these beautiful gardens which we walked around for a bit. The English really do know their gardens.

On the way back to the train I saw this.

Bah bah black sheep.

Castle Count: 16

Cathedral Count: 15


I couldn’t exactly be in Wales for 6 months and not go to the capital! Leanna and I went to Cardiff, with two other friends of Mine tagging along; Edward, and Abbie.

The first day there we walked around, went to a cute little tea shop we found, and went to the Castle (yes another castle and it’s not the last.)

Just some queens in front of our castle.

Leanna and I got into a bit of trouble and had to be put in time out. But after there was time out, there was tea.

We went to bed fairly early, because we had to wake up early for a busy next day! We all (except Edward) being the dorks that we are decided to go to the Dr. Who museum. It was amazing.

We had a chance to “fly” the Tardis, and then there was a museum filled with props from the set. Took on the Daleks too.



Unfortunately I was sick, and had no voice, so I wasn’t feeling very good. So that night after dinner, we went out for few drinks, Edward and I went back to the Airbnb, and Leanna and Abbie stayed out and partied for a bit.

Castle Count: 15

Cathedral Count: 15

Caernarfon Castle

Another day another Castle right?

For Leanna’s last adventure we did a day trip to another Castle. Caernarfon is traditionally where the prince of Wales is¬†investitured(? I’m sure that’s the right word.) However it has a complicated history, and for hundreds of years the Prince of Wales was not investitured, in 1911 who would be Edward VIII had his ceremony there, and in 1969, ¬†Prince Charles had his ceremony there (notice the gap.)

The steps to climb were horrible but the view was worth it. In case anyone didn’t know, I hate heights.



Castle Count: 14

Cathedral Count: 15


I’ve been holding off on this post, because what I had originally had written I felt guilty about posting so soon after the terrorist attack. But here goes nothing. Manchester is a perfectly nice city. I recommend everyone to go to Manchester at least once. There is a train that takes you right to their airport which was convenient. However Bill Byrson got it right, when he said there’s nothing particularly memorable.

It was the last day of my mom’s visit, and we only had just less than 18 hours in the city on a bank holiday, so we didn’t get to see everything, and I’m sure there are memorable parts. Like I said it’s a lovely city, spent a weekend there by all means, it’s great to visit. I just can’t think of anything other than Cat Cafe that stuck out. However I also saw a Cathedral to add to my count. What I started to notice about Cathedrals in the UK, is they’re all built the same, and they all look the same, the only thing that really varies in the size of them.



This is Bert. Bert is a cross eyed kitty. Bert was my favorite.


Castle Count: 13

Cathedral Count: 15

Llandudno, and Leanna

Leanna my roommate from back in the states came for 10 days! How wonderful!!!!! While she was here I turned 21 (finally!), we went to Conwy (for the third time, so I’ll save the pictures from that you can just look at all my other Conwy pictures), Cardiff, Llandudno, and provided her with the ultimate North Wales (except Cardiff), adventure.

Lets talk Llandudno.

Llandudno, was about an hour bus ride, and well worth the trip. It’s a cute little seaside town, that offers a different type of charm than Conwy. Lewis Carroll famously took trips with Alice to here, so a majority of the town has Alice and wonderland themes.

We spent a majority of our time on the pier. Which went on forever!

However it probably took us a while to get to the end, because there were arcades that we kept popping into for fun.

(It’s really no surprise that Mollie and I got into mischief.)

The weather was beautiful and comfortable, with a nice breeze, and actually some sun. Leanna was lucky with the weather she got. At the end of the pier was a little cafe where we sat for some refreshments. It’s also where we found out that seagulls like tea too!

We ended our day, walking on this rocky beach, and venturing into a cave, which none of us were dressed for.