This might be my last life post for a while but I recently graduated from college with my undergraduate degree in English with a concentration in creative writing.

 I had a great time at UMW and I can’t wait to continue my next step. I plan on updating more frequently making this more into a baking/life style blog.

Maria went through Middle School, High School and now College together.

It was almost unbearably hot there’s a few pictures where I’m not looking too pleased. The commencement speakers were amazing.

My biggest regret in my four years was I didn’t meet as many people as I could have, and that I wish I took more professors in the English Major. I honestly can’t think of one professor I had a negative experience  with. I am truly blessed.


Life at UMW

Last semester I was enrolled in a Social Media class, where we had to do a content creation assignment where we created a social media campaign and a video for “Life at UMW”.

Here’s the trailer that I worked on, in the trailer is the link to the final video.


This is my first ever podcast, and I am beyond proud of it. It was for my Magazine Writing Class, and it’s titled Secret Life of Hurricane Pets, a play of The Secret Life of Pets. It’s about the animals that came from the hurricane ridden areas from this past hurricane season and how they’re adapting to their new lives, whether it’s in a new home or if they’re still at the shelter. I made it with Abigail Nibblet, and I hope you enjoy. It was made with audacity.