I couldn’t exactly be in Wales for 6 months and not go to the capital! Leanna and I went to Cardiff, with two other friends of Mine tagging along; Edward, and Abbie.

The first day there we walked around, went to a cute little tea shop we found, and went to the Castle (yes another castle and it’s not the last.)

Just some queens in front of our castle.

Leanna and I got into a bit of trouble and had to be put in time out. But after there was time out, there was tea.

We went to bed fairly early, because we had to wake up early for a busy next day! We all (except Edward) being the dorks that we are decided to go to the Dr. Who museum. It was amazing.

We had a chance to “fly” the Tardis, and then there was a museum filled with props from the set. Took on the Daleks too.



Unfortunately I was sick, and had no voice, so I wasn’t feeling very good. So that night after dinner, we went out for few drinks, Edward and I went back to the Airbnb, and Leanna and Abbie stayed out and partied for a bit.

Castle Count: 15

Cathedral Count: 15

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