Lago Di Garda

“I’d pay five euro for a water castle,” Richelle said.

“Yeah I’d pay a fiver,” I replied.


This was the conversation Friday night before we walked two hours to a water castle. The term ‘fiver’ drives Richelle crazy, but it’s ok she made me walk 2 hours to get to a castle. I should start from the beginning though so it makes sense how it came to be.


We took two trains to Lago Di Garda (Lake Garda), which is the largest lake in Italy and was formed by glaciers around the last ice age (so kind of like the great lakes except great lake singular). In town of Sirmione, lays a medieval Scaliger castle, which dates back to the 13th century.



It’s situated on the water and picturesque in every way possible. It was beautiful, and a little chilly and beside it sat a town. We’ll get to that part later—we got off the trains and right there was a bus stop to the castle, however Richelle wasn’t positive that it was the right bus soooo we missed it, and ended up walking over two hours.


At one point I got cranky and my feet started to hurt, and blisters could be felt forming, and we went for Gelato, which I have to say once you have Gelato in Italy you’ll never want to have it anywhere else again. We found a bus stop, and decided to keep walking, found another two hours later and stopped. It was a fiver for the castle for non EU citizens, however I argued that I go to University in the UK, and Richelle goes to University in Italy, so we got the discounted price.

Like I’ve said the castle was wonderful, and the town surrounding it, although touristy, was quaint and wonderful. Me being me, of course found this little medevial chapel and decided to go inside say a prayer, and take some pictures.


Needless to say I slept like a baby that night.

Castle Count: 12

Cathedral Count: 7

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