Llandudno, and Leanna

Leanna my roommate from back in the states came for 10 days! How wonderful!!!!! While she was here I turned 21 (finally!), we went to Conwy (for the third time, so I’ll save the pictures from that you can just look at all my other Conwy pictures), Cardiff, Llandudno, and provided her with the ultimate North Wales (except Cardiff), adventure.

Lets talk Llandudno.

Llandudno, was about an hour bus ride, and well worth the trip. It’s a cute little seaside town, that offers a different type of charm than Conwy. Lewis Carroll famously took trips with Alice to here, so a majority of the town has Alice and wonderland themes.

We spent a majority of our time on the pier. Which went on forever!

However it probably took us a while to get to the end, because there were arcades that we kept popping into for fun.

(It’s really no surprise that Mollie and I got into mischief.)

The weather was beautiful and comfortable, with a nice breeze, and actually some sun. Leanna was lucky with the weather she got. At the end of the pier was a little cafe where we sat for some refreshments. It’s also where we found out that seagulls like tea too!

We ended our day, walking on this rocky beach, and venturing into a cave, which none of us were dressed for.




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