When in Rome


Rome was the twilight zone I promise you. The last night we were there we walked around for 30 minutes to get to a place that was only 5 minutes away.  From start to finish Rome was insane. First we got off at the wrong station, and then had to take a taxi to our hostel, only to figure out that the hostel that was 5 minutes from Roma Termini (the main train station.) We dropped our stuff and began our walk, where we discovered that maybe this time instead of walking everywhere we could just buy a 24 hour metro pass. So thats what we did.


Our hostel had a nice little roof top bar where we enjoyed some drinks on our first night there. Maybe a few more than we should have..


We originally planned to do the Vatican our first night, but it started raining and the line was long, we went to a little cafe for refuge before retreating back to our hostel after getting on the wrong line, and luckily after our troubles in Florence finding food there was a nice little place right across from us where I ordered a nice big glass of red wine and spaghetti and meatballs ( I had to and it was worth it.) It ended up as our saving grace and we went there the next night and for breakfast, but don’t worry we got something different every time.


The most amazing thing about Italy to me, is that everything looks exactly like the pictures if you google it. Thats the Trevi Fountain, and it was our first stop, on a long day.


Directly across from it was this beautiful little church, and of course I went in.


Here I lit a candle for everyone at the CCM.

Now this church may not look like much from the outside but it was one of my favorite places I went in Rome. After we went to the Vatican (which gets it own post) , I got to fulfill a pilgrimage of mine while here. St. Monica is one of my favorite saints, and my confirmation saint. Splurging(it actually wasn’t that expensive) on a taxi I looked up where her remains were kept. From the inside this simple Basilica di Sant Agostino, was beautiful, not to mention what relics it held.





Here I lit a candle for everyone back in RCIA! I’m so proud of those that received sacraments this Easter!

And lastly would I have really gone to Rome if I didn’t go to the Colosseum? By the time we made our way to it, it was closed to visitors but we saw the outside, and that was impressive itself. I remember being so excited about the Roman ruins in Chester, and then I got to Italy and Chester felt small.






If you ever want to feel small and insignificant go to Rome. If you ever want to see some of the best architecture of your life, go to Rome. If you go to Rome give yourself more time than I did (I think 4 days should suffice.)


Castle Count: 12

Cathedral Count: 9

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